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Rocky Ridge Ranch

Meet the Hanks Family

We have been working and raising our 4 children in rural Utah for over a decade. We are the founders of the Rocky Ridge Ranch, which specializes in Skipper W horses and beautiful family and working dogs. Our lives consist of country living, hours away from a bustling city, while working to share our passion for horses, dogs and the cowboy lifestyle with others. We love what we do!


The start of the Rocky Ridge Ranch: In 2011 we purchased a palomino mare, A Superstar Premier, as a winter project horse. However, our project horse, the daughter of AQHA world champion Skip Premier, quickly won us over. With her outstanding Skipper W breeding, conformation, athleticism, disposition and drive, we decided to found the Rocky Ridge Ranch and incorporate this amazing line into our breeding program. In 2012 we purchased her half brother, Premieres Notoriouskid, as our main breeding stud. Since that time, we have expanded our lines to include mares and studs with Hancock, Zan Parr Bar, and Beduino lines. Our foals never cease to impress as excellent ranch and all around horses with beautiful color, confirmation and dispositions.


Along with our love for beautiful horses, we also have a passion for what we consider mans best friend, our dogs. As children, we had the privilege of being raised alongside these loyal, lovable creatures. Needless to say, dogs are a huge part of our ranch life and family life. Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of owning many different breeds of dog. And yet, through it all, we have found that our true love lies with the Standard Poodle and it’s out-crossed offspring. Their steady temperaments, desire to please, ability to work and child friendly personalities have made them a household and ranch favorite. Our dream is that we will be able to share these outstanding dogs with others so that they too can come to appreciate and love them as we do!


We would like to thank you for learning more about our family and our passion for animals and the western lifestyle. Go ahead and take a look around.  

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